Getting Started is Simple

Our unique collaborative and simple approach includes working alongside our clients every step of the way—creating a more hands-on approach to investing.


Complete our Buyer/Investor Application
Allowing our staff to properly understand your experience level, and tailor portfolios best to fit your overall objective.


Reviewing the portfolio/Conducting Preliminary Due Diligence
We allow each party a few days to review the portfolio and conduct introductory due diligence. Desktop values, review of borrower intention, verification of all collateral is intact.


Make an Offer
The offer needs to be supported with an LOI (Letter of Intent) to purchase along with a proof of funds to demonstrate the financial ability to close the trade.


Conducting Due Diligence
Verification of all collateral documents, market values, title, and tax review.


Finalize Offer/Prepare for funding
Once diligence is complete, our staff will finalize the population with you and wrap up the trade inside an agreeable purchase and sale agreement. Funding will take place within 7 days from finalizing diligence, and funds will be wired directly to Revolve’s account without the use of an escrow or 3rd party.


Closing/Document and Service Transfer
You will receive the original collateral file, assignment, and allonges (within 45 days of the purchase, if not sooner). You have the choice to keep servicing in place or transfer to the servicer of your choosing.

Have you completed our Buyer Application?

To begin working with us, please fill out the NDA and Buyer Application so we can learn your specific purchasing criteria and investment goals.