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Getting Started

The unique part of our platform allows the savvy investor to get into the business of buying, owning, and managing their own real estate portfolio from the comfort of their home or office. Members of our team will show you the step by step approach to structuring, purchasing, owning and managing mortgage notes on a national level. Allowing you to accomplish your overall strategy (Cash-Flow or Rapid Growth).

Smart Investments

Purchase Single Family homes at a significant discount compared with today’s market value. All notes are backed by real estate and offer multiple profitable exit strategies.
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In-depth Metrics

Strategy and analytical expertise go hand-in-hand. Our team will customize your investment experience with targeted data and portfolios to achieve your investment objective.
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Experienced Staff

We build one-on-one personal relationships with each investor. Our staff has years of note experience and will walk you through the note buying process, step-by-step.
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Step One

Please use the “NDA” link provided below to start our electronic vetting process. Once your NDA is completed, continue to “step two” and complete the “Buyer Application” section.

Complete our buyer application
Step Two

For us to better get to know your investment history, please fill out our Buyer Application Form. The information we receive will be used to locate the inventory that best suits your needs. Please click the button below to get started.

Setup an appointment
Step Three

Setup an appointment with a staff member to learn more about your investment objectives.