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Our Key Focus

We focus our attention on these three elements. Please select the category that best fits your needs.

We offer discounted pricing to portfolio level investors. We have consistent note pools containing non-performing, re-performing, and sub-performing investments. Click this link to find out how we can customize your investment experience.

Are you a representative of a financial institution or do you sell notes? Revolve Capital Group is actively acquiring 1st lien distressed mortgages. Please Click Here to reach our management team.

As many markets and businesses head into financial headwinds, we aim to stay up to speed on market trends that will be pivotal to continue expanding the portfolio. Click here for more info.

Mission Statement
Revolve Capital Group

Revolve, is committed to building strong relationships with Banks, Investment Banks, GSE’s, Institutional Sellers, Servicers and funds to programmatically acquire lower-valued/less affordable delinquent mortgages, on single-family homes. We remain a market maker in effectively managing this asset class. We assist the homeowner in getting back on track or quickly finding alternative solutions to homeownership in the near future (i.e. re-renting the home back, cash-for-keys, short-sale, etc.).




Key Services
What We Offer

Our main services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: management, acquisition, loss mitigation, education, strategy and organization across the distressed mortgage industry.

Direct access to purchase loans we acquire from Tier 1 Banks. We include due diligence documents for each loan, at no cost to you. Our hope is you become successful on the purchases you make, so we may continue to assist in the growth of your portfolio.
Portfolio Management
If you are new or an experienced note buyer, managing a national portfolio is a daily job. Our hands on innovative approach allows you to purchase portfolios from the comfort of your home or office while our team does the daily outreach.
Vendor Referral Network
The combination of real estate experience and note industry education enables our well-seasoned investors to manage national portfolios from the comfort of their home or office. All by managing vendors who operate nationally.

Are you a homeowner in default?

To learn more, please click here to view the contact information for our servicer.

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